Sol de Janeiro Inspired Clamshell Wax Melts


Indulge your senses with the delightful scent of Sol de Janeiro (type/dupe) Melts. Inspired by the popular cult favorite Sol De Janeiro, these wax melts are infused with the irresistible aromas.
Wax Melts are wick-less & a great, safe alternative to enjoy your favorite scents.. Break off a piece or 2 (check your burner/warmer capacity limitations) from your clamshell & place it into your tea light wax warmer or your plug in warmer and enjoy the long lasting aroma.
My wax melts are handmade & hand poured in small batches using high quality ingredients. I use the maximum allotted fragrance oil that the wax will hold, giving you a long lasting, very strong scent throw . Please note that scent throw will vary depending on your warmer, your nose sensitivity and the size of the room you are filling. Ideally each melts should last 12-15 hours with a very strong scent throw. Some fragrances are inherently stronger than others which will give you an even longer scent throw. The wax can be melted/re-melted until it is no longer fragrant.

These are made to order & due to the handmade nature, some colors & decorations may vary slightly. Melts may or may not contain candle dye, mica powder, sprinkles, and/or glitter. However, the high-quality of the scent will never be compromised.

** Warning**
Wax melt safety. Remove wax melt from packaging before each use. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Do not move the burner while the wax is burning or still hot. Do not leave unattended. Do not ingest. Do not add water. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for your burner/warmer.
Use only in electric warmers or tea light warmers approved for wax melts.

Scent Descriptions:
Brazilian Bum Bum #62
Experience the unique blend of Sunny Mandarin, Salted Caramel, and Sweet Pistachio in this opulent scent. Let the Jasmine Petals awaken your senses as you walk. Enjoy the soothing notes of whipped vanilla, cocooned in a warm embrace, while traces of sugared amber captivate and enchant you. Our Version of Sol de Janeiro (Type).
Scent Notes:
Family Fragrance: Warm Gourmand (smells edible)
Top: Sunny Mandarin, Salted Caramel
Middle: Sweet Pistachio, Jasmine Petals
Bottom: Whipped Vanilla, Sugared Amber

Beija Flor Cheirosa 68
Let yourself be swept away to the exotic Brazilian coast by indulging in the rich scent of salty sea air, invigorating pink dragon fruit, delicate jasmine, and warm musk, balanced with sweet notes of salted caramel and creamy vanilla bean. Immerse yourself in a world of warmth and delight with this irresistible fragrance. Our Version of Sol de Janeiro (Type).
Scent Notes:
Family Fragrance: Fruity Floral
Top: Sea Air Accord, Crushed Pistachio, Tropical Lychee
Middle: Brazilian Jasmine, Pink Dragon Fruit, Island Hibiscus
Bottom: Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Creamy Musk

Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 40 Bom Dia Bright
Indulge in paradise. Luxurious, seductive, and packed with the essence of paradise, this floral gourmand effortlessly blends sensual florals with a delicious depth that is impossible to resist. Featuring hints of dewy rose petals, blooming jasmine, smooth vanilla, and a touch of warm amber musk, this experience is both alluring and delicate, tantalizing the senses. Our Version of Sol de Janeiro (Type).
Scent Notes:
Family Fragrance: Warm Fruity Floral
Top: Dew Kissed Rose Petal
Middle: Sheer Jasmine
Bottom: Silky Vanilla Musk, Warm Amber

Rio Radiance (Type)

Indulge in a beach getaway with this scent. A blend of Crystal Amber, Cedarwood, and Distressed Woods will relax and rejuvenate you. Add invigorating notes of Bergamot Oil, Sparkling Acai, and Bitter Orange for a fully calming experience. Surrounded by Dahlia and Rainbow Rose, this scent captures the lush beauty of a beach vacation. Our Version of Sol de Janeiro (Type).
Scent Notes:
Family Fragrance: Solar Floral (fresh floral-sunshine-radiant-sparkling)
Top: Bergamot Oil, Sparkling Acai, Bitter Orange
Middle: Lush Dahlia Blooms, Rainbow Rose, Iris
Bottom: Crystal Amber, Cedarwood, Distressed Woods

Please Note: As more ‘Inspired’ scents become available I will be adding them to this listing